Friday 3/29/19

Updated Matt today, everything is moving along
Weight is 146.6 today – down from 153 three weeks ago

First day doing cardio on a leg day since last prep weeeee lol

AM fasted
Cardio: 35min on stairs
Corrective exercises


Warm up with corrective exercises
And 3 sets bodyweight walking lunges

Lying leg curl
Dead stop reps
Set one: max straight set
Set two: maintain weight for max rest pause set

Cybex squat press
Warm up 1pps at a time
Pause every rep in hole
Set one: 9pps x 13
Set Two: 9pps x 8
Set three: 7pps x 12+ (even slower eccentrics)

Barbell rdl:
Very very carefully and strict
Pause at bottom of each rep
Build up sets of 10 starting with the bar and adding a 25 per side at a time until I reached one max set with 5 quarters per side

Seated leg curl
1 max straight set
1 double drop set

2 max rest pause sets
1 double drop set

2 sets 20-15 reps