Monday 3/25/19

No cardio

Corrective exercises


Barbell front squat
Using prime 20 degree solos
Keeping full tension on quads throughout and aiming to use least amount of hip drive as possible
275x 8
275x 6
225x 10
I was really happy with how reps felt, 275 flew up and surprised me in the set

Leg ext
Hard contractions, controlled eccentrics, explosive concentrics
1 max rest pause set
1 max double drop set

Cybex squat press
Aiming to keep tension fully on quads throughout and attempting to not pause or lockout knees
8 pps x 16 bit of a wider stance
Did a second set there, can’t remember reps but it was fewer
Decreased weight and did a third set with heels off platform, feet close, toes slightly angled out – piston style reps

Front loaded barbell walking lunges
145x trip down turf and back
95x “double reps” so down, up, down again, up, lunge to next leg x trip down turf and back
same set dropped to body weight and did the same thing to failure

I did 1 round of seated leg curl into adductor machine but at this point I didn’t consider it true work, I was spent lol