Hey guys
Here are pictures from my update to Matt today
I won’t post them here every week, but doing so as this is the starting point and will show again when good enough change elicits so!
Gym pics are post AM cardio on Thursday
Bathroom pic is AM upon waking today/Friday
Weight 149.8 down from 153 initial weight

18/19 weeks out
Tomorrow marks two weeks following the initial plan posted above
He made some adjustments today that I will post below

Feedback so far on the past two weeks:
Nothing really new or out of the ordinary worth mentioning
Energy did seem to take a dip last week but was better this week
Training and strength have been great
Endurance within my sets was a bit down this week
But overall all is well and no concerns!

Cardio 6x/week 35 min fasted upon waking
(Increased from 5x/week)

Meal one:
150g egg whites
80g chicken
Peppers/onion mix
40g oats
(Dropped 1 whole egg and 10g oats)

Meal Two: (pre training)
45g cream of rice
30g whey
(Dropped 15g cream of rice)

25g Vitargo
15g EAA

Meal three: (post training)
150g gold potato
112g 96/4 beef
(No changes)

Meal four:
110g jasmine rice
112g chicken
(Dropped 15g rice)

Meal five:
112g chicken
40g avocado/guac
green beans
(No changes)

Meal six:
150g white fish
(No changes)

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