Hams 3/15/19

Thankful for today!
Not full functioning to my preferred type of session, but what I did do went well!
A lot of build up sets today

Seated leg curl
Very controlled tempo with hard contractions aiming to keep that same tension throughout entire ROM
Warm ups of 10-3 reps increasing weight until I reached my working weight
145 x 9
145 x rest pause set 5, 3, 1 + partials
130 x 13

Cybex squat press
Something that I am having to be very mindful on, but was able to perform without any issue!
Hard contractions, controlled eccentric keeping a strong connection with adductors all the way to the stretch, pause, fire contracting glutes and hams hard on concentric
Sets of 10 reps increasing weight by 1pps each set
Started at 1 pps and got to 10 pps
So that’s a lot of sets, but I only count the final 1-2 as true working sets
After 10 pps x 10 I did a second set of 5pps x 20

Sets of 15 increasing weight until I reached a max rest pause set

DB lying leg curl
Hard contractions, controlled tempo, aim to really squeeze adductors and hams as hard as I can
40x 8
40x 6
40x 5, drop to 30, drop to 20, drop to bodyweight
I probably looked ridiculous curling no weight, but I was squeezing as hard as I could and got to the point where I could not bend my knees
Pump was nuts!

Smith machine split squat
Driving hard through heels, keeping tension on adductors through eccentric, and contracting glutes hard through concentric
2 sets 15-12 each leg

Stretch and leave!
Would have loved to do RDLs but that’s a no go for now and just thankful for what I did do!