Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Hey Pierfrancesco I think you might have what some confusion on what progressive overload is the goal is to progress in loads on a weekly / bi weekly basis not within the workout. The volume here can be very low if you want it to be, the build up sets leading up to your top set (the set that counts) should not be overly taxing rather aid in your performance at that top end weight by allowing your body to acclimate to the loads and also properly warming up the muscle. Once the muscle is warmed and primed you can reduce the number of reps within a warm up set to just 1-3 simply just to hit that weight in route to your working weight. For example on bench press

135 lb x 8
185 lb x 5
225 lb x 5 275 x 3
315 now this is your true working set that you take to true failure and then move on to the next exercise. So in terms of volume this is really only considered 1 working set. Then you would move on to your next movement and repeat the pattern but since you are already warm you can now do less warm up sets leading into the next exercise

Does this make sense to you now?