HEI Matt, I would like to ask you for advice. I’m following a mixed program, like powerbuilding. in increasing the strength I started with the pyramidal method, now after a few weeks I should perform a week of de-load. I would like to change approach, a mixed methodology to gain a lot of strength, but also a good mass. Which methodologies would you recommend to me? I have to say that the approach of progressive overload with many sets does not do much for me, because with high volumes I have some difficulty in recovery. up to now I have followed the series to climb 10-8-6-4 with increasing weights. The pause was 3 min for basic exercises followed by 1 or 2 assistances exercises of 2-3 intense set with 2 min rest.  Any tips for max out method in basic exercises ? Or show me other method to apply at basic exercises like military or push press,bench, squat, deadlift, bb curl. My main focus is to gain more strength and power on the basic. Thank you in advance.