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Feb 20 – Health Update and Back Training

I am starting my road to recovery with a few different means currently and then my appointments start tomorrow.

I am using a blend of BPC157 and TB500 from the pharmacy, this was sent to me in cold packs already reconstituted so I am taking .25ml daily. Doing this for the overall inflammation and issues within the tendons.

Starting tomorrow I am going to see a renowned Chiro in Atlanta that does a majority of his work with Professional football players so I am not quite sure what my treatment will be just yet but looking forward to getting started and will keep you guys in the loop as I know more

I am also going to see DR Mack Sloan starting Monday for something called Trigger therapy (this is not massage work). I will give more info once I see him starting Monday. Dr Sloan is most famous for working with Terrell Owens in his prime.


Today we swapped out two movements so we will start a rotation with this. Today we swapped Barbell Rows for T Bar rows and also Hammer low row for Hammer DY row. Next week we will go back to the original two movements and then so on from there alternating weekly. The rest of the training was the same. For pulldowns we have been doing either a seated lat pulldown OR Asst Pullups 

Hammer Pullover
Max set at 5-45’s + 25
Back Off set at 5 – 45’s

T bar Row – Really trying to stay over the weight as best I can in a fixed position.
10-25’s x max set (failed on 7th rep here)
8-25’s x max set (failed on 10th rep here)

Incline Upper Back DB Row – I am working on making these reps better so I would say I am using a sub max weight to failure with two sets rather than a true heavy set and back off set. I just feel like I need to be improving upon my rep execution here more before I push max reps because with such a fixed movement if you force max work too quick its really going to expose your weaknesses.

85 lbs x max set x 2

Single Arm DB Row
135 x 9
135 x 7

Assisted Pull ups
– 70 lb resistance
3 working sets on the last set I did – 70 into – 100 resistance

Hammer DY low Row
3pps x max set bi lateral
3pps x max set iso lateral