Back 2/13/19

Filmed the whole session so most likely will be my video for the week so I’ll save most the explaining for that

After getting proper body work done over the weekend, I’ve felt my left side better this week without having to force it so that is good

Still some hip pain
It isn’t debilitating, but it is present
Sitting hurts the worst, laying flat and standing is fine
Training I just air on the side of caution and try not to jar it the wrong way

I know if I could see the guy that works on me at a more frequent rate it could be sooner resolved, but I’ll go as frequent as manageable due to travel time.

Cable pull down
1 heavy rest pause set
1 straight set

T bar row
7 25’s x 8
6 25’s x 9

Reverse grip ez bar row
4 25’s per side x 10

Single arm DB row
120 x 9
105 dead stop on floor x 11

DB pullover
80 x 12

Hyper ext
1 set