Had the opportunity to train with Matt today
We did all of our usual stuff and had a good time!
I think this actually might be the first time Matt and I have ever trained just us together and also neither one of us prepping
I really enjoyed it and wish we could do it even more often like this!

Delts 2/8/19

Barbell press
155 x 6 final rep assisted
135 x 10

Hammer press
2 pps x 8
1 p + 2 quarters ps x 6 drop 1 quarter x 6

DB upright row
45’s x ~7ish I believe
35’s x ~12ish

Lying cable lateral raise
Set one: 17 reps
Set two: increased weight x 7ish reps
Set three: same weight as set Two + single drop

DB rear delt fly on incline bench
Build up sets starting at 10’s increasing weight by 5lb until I reached 25’s
About 15-10 rep range

Pec dec rear delt fly
3 sets 15-7 rep range increasing weight on each