Roman FritzRoman Fritz

6th February 2019

Chest +Triceps

Deadstop incline smith presses

2 plates on each side for 20, 3 sets

My front delt / biceps tendon hurt a little bit so In layed it save with the lighter weight.


incline DB flys

25,5kg goal is at least 10 reps, if I can´t get 10 I switch to pressing the bells

No problem on this one though. Probably because I was thoroughly warmed up at this point…


Superset of bodyweight dips / cable crossovers

3 sets to failure / 38,0 x 10 (rest/pause)


DB pullovers

3 sets of 10, 50,5kg


Giant set x3:

EZ bar pushdown – 62,5 x 10 (rest/pause)

Dips – bodyweight x max. resp

overhead rope – 17,5 x 10+

Close grip pushups – bodyweight x max. reps

+3 sets Abs to failure