Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Feb 1 – Shoulders

I am going to revise my training split a bit, if I am un able train my legs for a while I am going to get the most out of my upper body training and increase my frequency of upper body training to get more out of it and grow as best I can!

To reset things a bit until I get my new split in place I am just went in and trained shoulders last night.

Barbell Press
315 x 5 (although I did not PR here yet but matched a previous best I felt like this was the most control I have had so far with this weight)

Hammer Incline Press
4pps x 7 (failed on 8th rep) this was a PR post barbell press
4pps x 5 drop 3pps x 4 reps

DB Upright Row – worked up to a drop set
60 x 11 DROP 50 x max set DROP 45 x max set

Lying Crucifix Raise
20 x 8
27.5 x 9
27.5 x 6 DROP 20 x 5

Incline Rear DB Fly
45 x Max set
45 x Max set DROP 35 x max DROP 25 x max