Hams 2/1/19

Spent over an hour getting body work and chiro work done first half of the day
Drove the 1.5 hr drive home, are and trained

All things considered, it was a good session
Didn’t do anything stupid but pushed the limits as usual within what I could do

The only thing I tried to do that I couldn’t was adductor machine
And then for RDL’s I didn’t push the load

Seated leg curl
Hard hard contractions, controlled tempo
Set one: 145 x 7
Set Two: 130 x 8
Set Three: 130 + double drop

Cybex squat press
Really consistent controlled tempo
This thing absolutely kills my adductors and hams and I make it even harder on the intended muscle through the tempo
Warm up sets of 10 each accumulating weight 1 pps at a time
Set one: 6 pps x 19
Set Two: 7 pps x 16
I really could have gone home after this my hams were so pumped and fried!

Barbell rdl glute emphasis
Purposely Stopping weight shy of full rom, hard stretch it hams, keep glutes contracted entire time
225 x 11
I stopped when hams and glutes failed, no letting shift to my problem spot
Straight into bodyweight with band resistance

Lying leg curl
Controlled tempo, dead stop at stretch, hard contractions
Aim to keep knees on pad
One double drop set + partials

Linear hack squat
Banded resistance
One all out set