Back 1/30/19

Not my best day if I am being honest
Things just weren’t clicking as I like them to
Got er done same as always though

Had body work done for 2 hrs prior to training
Ran over time so I was eating meal 2 at the time I’m usually eating meal 3, and starting training when I’m usually finishing
That’s no trouble though other than pushing daily timing back

I do however think the work I had done may have played me a disadvantage in training though.

I’ve thrown my SI joint out of whack again and am In need of a good adjustment so having to carefully approach some movements without making something worse

Full of complaints today sheesh lol
Jk, I’m really not complaining, just keeping things real lol

Cluster set
Worked up to one all out set of 10-8 each after a few warm ups of 12 reps each
1. Cable pullover
2. Close mag grip pull down

Smith machine rows
“225” x 8, 4, 2 rest pause set
“225” x 7 dead stop reps

T bar row
7 quarters x 7
6 quarters x 8

Single arm DB row
100 x 13

Chest supported neutral close grip row
2 plates x drop to 1 plate

Attempted to finish with rack pulls but got up to 405 and just sensed it was not a smart thing to do to blow my si joint across the room lol