Roman FritzRoman Fritz

26th January 2019

Again, for the third day in a row only 1 training session. THIS is the leg workout I´m going to do for the next couple of times. Just getting stronger on these few basic movements that hit me exactly where I want them to.


calves + legs

Superset of legpress calves and seated calves

5 sets of 10 reps each (heavy!), rest/pause if necessary, going back and forth with as little rest as possible, finish both with a 1 minute loaded DC stretch


seated curls (Cybex)

67,5 x 3 sets of 10 strip on last set 50kg x 10

Deadstop reps…


Smith Squat

5 sets of at least 6 – 4 plates


single leg extensions

3 x 10-15, switching legs non stop

(this might switch with a front leg heel elevated lunge or something else with great knee flexion instead of extension)


regular Deads

5 plates – 5 x 5 or more


floor dumbbell curls

25kg cluster set of 5 x 6 reps or more, 20 breaths of rest between clusters

(this one might get switched with a glute/ham raise or a add/abd superset)