Delts 1/26/19

Fun fact about me, when I’m at my strongest pressing is one of my favorite movements
When I’m not, I am my most annoyed lol
Currently not on the most fun end haha

Something really annoying right now is I can tell something is off with my left side when it comes to pressing, there’s no pain, but something feels off causing me to fail prematurely and be weaker on that side
Both for delts and chest
I know it’s all related to the issue with my hip/lat etc but I tell my chiro every time and he’s just not helping so I need to get something figured out on this

Delts 1/26/19

Seated barbell military press
135 x 7
135 x 5

Seated DB single arm press
70 x 5
60x 7

Standing DB lateral raises
Separated sets of 12 increasing weight by 5lb on each starting at 15’s until I got to 30’s x 9
Second set 30’s x 6, drop 20’s, 15’s

Barbell upright row really strict
95 x 11
95 x 8, 4, 2 rest pause set

Pec dec rear delt fly
1 straight set 12+ reps
1 straight set 10ish reps + dead stop partials

Pin loaded press
1 set dead stop 9 reps

Cable front raise
High rope face pull
2 rounds 15-12 reps