Chest 1/15/19

My presses were poop lol but is what it is and all I could push out today…literally

Flex really hard throughout ROM on everything

Flat DB bench
90’s x 3.5 (whomp)
80’s x 6

Incline hammer press
2 plates + 10 ps x 6
2pps x almost 7

Incline DB Fly
50’s x 7
40’s x can’t remember

Flat hammer press
2 pps x 5, drop to 1 pps x 7 + partials

Standing cable fly
1 straight set
1 double drop set

Seated cable shoulder press
Sets of 10 increasing weight until I reached a set I failed at 8

On the mini cable station
Cable lateral raise facing stack into cable front raise facing away from stack
3 rounds 15-12 each