Back 1/9/19

Medium length mag grip pull down
Set 1: 11 reps
Set 2: same weight rest pause set 7, 3, 1 + stretch partials

T bar row
Attempted 7 25’s, but with this set up the weights stuck out a lot further in front of me and I would have had to stand too upright to not fall over top of the weight
Set 1: 6 25s x 8.5
Set 2: 6 25’s x 6

Chest supported plate loaded single arm row
I don’t remember the brand, but the contraction on this thing was nuts
One set: 45+25 x 12 + stretch partials

DB bent over bilateral row
Set 1: 90’s x 8
Set 2: 90’s x 6

DB pullover
One set: 70 x ~15

Prime chest supported high row
One double drop set until I couldn’t reach a full contraction at each weight
3 plates, 2 plates, 1 plate