Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Jan 5 – Hamstrings

Really good session today, I couldnt move a 40 lb DB off of the floor by the end with a full rep so I would consider this a good one!

Lying Hamstring Curl
Max set with 5 second eccentrics pausing at peak extension and full stretch
Stack x 6 + 3 Partials

Barbell RDL
495 x 6 (matched PR but with better depth here)
405 x 7 (paused reps- deep stretch, pause and then drive)

Lying Hammer Strength Single Leg Leg Curl
I think this is one of the heaviest hamstring machines I have used, this is an older machine not sure they still make it.
35 x 8
45 x 7 + 3 partials

Lying DB Leg Curl
– With these I really try to make them just as hard as possible, long holds, slow eccentrics partials out of the bottom, holding it mid way through the range on the last rep until it falls to the floor.

3 max sets at 40 lbs

Adduction Machine
– Same concept here make it HARD! slow eccentrics, pause at full stretch and contraction
Stack x 13
Stack x 9