Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Took yesterday off of training and had a date night with Jordan, had some sushi and then came back to the beach and had some Jenny’s ice cream which is my favorite and a few cookies.

I knew it was going to happen but I am happy that things are really clicking well post move. I dont feel like I have been in my “routine” for the past 6 weeks and I am looking forward to changing that but this week on vacation I have been able to get back to consistent training time and that alone has helped.

Todays back training as laid out below

Wide V Handle T bar off of Floor – PR for me here
7 – 35’s x 8
8 – 35’s x Max set

Fixed Incline DB Row – Going to do a video on these this week so you guys can see what I am doing here, I see a lot of “rowing” done in this fashion that I dont agree with its more of a horizontal swing with very little pull against gravity)
45 x 8
60 x 8
80 x 8 (getting close here)
85 x 6 +3 partials (next time this will replace the 80’s set)

Shoulder Width Grip Lat Pulldown – Keeping hips under me and feet tucked back for not counterbalance , extremely strict pull here aiming to just use the lats no momentum.
165 x 8
165 x 6 + Partials

Long D Handle Pull over
130 x 7 – 3 – 2 Rest pause set

Hammer Row – Driving elbows out parallel to floor – Pausing each rep at full stretch, using other hand to wrap around pad to keep chest tight to pad.
4pps x max set (8 reps)

Seated Cable Row
195 x 8