Hams 12/28

Lying leg curl
Controlled eccentrics
Dead stop at stretch
“Explosive” concentric
Hard contractions

Set 1: 9 full reps
Set 2: rest pause set with same weight on initial attempt and reduced weight on 2nd & 3rd attempt x 7, 7, 8

High wide leg press
Controlled eccentric sinking as deep as I could keeping hard tension on adductors

Set 1: 15 total plates x 8
Set 2: reduced weight by 3 total plates and longer pause in hole x 13

RDL on plate loaded hammer strength squat/lunge machine
Really aim to move weight with hams only and push through with hips contracting glutes hard at the top

Set 1: 3pps x 8
Set 2: dead stop reps still keeping tension on hams and hard glute contraction at top
2pps x 8

Wide stance barbell squat
No pre intention of doing these. Just went with the flow
Not impressive numbers to me, but made these hard as heck and adductors felt like they were going to rip
Controlled eccentric, pause in hole, fire on the concentric
Keeping knees pushed out and hard tension on adductors throughout
225x 11

Adductor machine
DB Lying leg curl
2 rounds 12-10
2nd round did a single drop set on each
Both: Pause at stretch and contraction, controlled eccentrics