Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Hamstrings Today –

We are spending the week in Fripp Island which is a tradition that has been in Jordan’s Family for a long long time. Good week to rest up and get re charged.

Everything honestly felt pretty heavy today but it was a good session overall. I didnt match my RDL from last week but did beat my back off set by two reps. The mind is a powerful thing, my first rep on RDL’s I honestly could have racked it and been done it was that slow but I was able to get out 4 more quality reps for a total of 5.

Here is how the session went in full

Lying Single Leg Hamstring Curl – working hard to drive my hips into the pad throughout
70 x 8
90 x 6 full reps then a partial rest pause type set. 10 deep breaths followed by an additional 3 reps pulling up and holding as high up as I could

Barbell RDL (I will show you my warm ups as well so you can see the build up)
Bar x 10
135 x 8
225 x 6
315 x 6
405 x 2
495 x 5
405 x 8

Adduction – Complete Pause at full stretch and contraction
Stack + 25 x 15
Stack + 25 x 10

Lying DB Curl – The isometric contraction on these really hits me hard I love these but am not very strong on them, have a great connection though
35 x 12
40 x 10

Seated Single Leg Leg Curl – Full pause and contraction hold on each rep
75 x 13
90 x 10