Roman FritzRoman Fritz

27th Dec. 2018

  1. session: Delts + Traps

superset: dumbbell shrugs – upright cable rows (med. grip)

5 x 60kg x 10 (partials necessary) – 35kg x 15 (rest/pause, never let go of the bar)


very high incline smith press

2 plates per side, 5 sets of 15 (rest/paused)

My fucking elbow tendinitis is kicking in again. I´d love to go 3 plates per side and do only 2-3 sets of real overload failure but I have to preexhaust the muscle with a couple lighter sets first to get at least some sort of stimulus…


side dumbbell raises

GVT 20kg


rear delts lying on 30 degree incline bench

17,5kg 3 sets of 15

superset with

behind neck smith press

1 plate per side –> rep out

DC stretch immediately after last set!


For delts the more I make them burn and pumped the better they grow.