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Back – December 11

I am sticking to my guns with my back training and doing what I need to do from a physique development standpoint. To be completely honest my back training now is somewhat boring to me doing all these pull overs and pull downs. I would much rather do 4-5 rowing movements and call it a day but hey maybe thats why my front double sucks because I dont do more of the boring stuff haha. I just have a hard time getting amped up for a set of strict pulldowns or pull overs. I am still making them as hard as possible but it just is what it is.

Supra Bar Pull over
– with these I am still forcing a hard stretch but the nature of the movement there is no way I am getting as much of a stretch and load here in the stretch as I am with the DB pull overs. I do find that these really help get my shoulders warm so that I can get a better stretch with my DB pull overs. With these I am able to really get a hard contraction on the lats though which is not as strong on the DB pull over so this is why I am doing both!
Worked up to
170 x 8
190 x 6

DB Pullover
– This week I used a curved bench which dropped my hips down lower which I actually liked a lot better, I felt I was able to maintain better posture and balance with having a lower center of gravity and being able to get my hips up behind me so to speak. This type of pull over mimics lying across the pad rather than with the pad. I will stick to these and when I do not have access to this specific arsenal bench I will just lay across the pad.
95 x 8
110 x 7

Standing Lat Pulldown with Wide bar
– All I am aiming to do here is to not use any counter balance or swing and just have it be all purely lats
150 x 8
170 x 8
170 x 6
(I am adding a second set here because I just dont feel like its that demanding where its cutting into my recovery to a point to negatively impact my session….and my front lat sucks 😉

Single Arm DB Row
– My goal here is to keep my hips square. Traditionally when someone rows if they are using their right arm they also have their right leg back, this in my opinion makes the move much easier vs if you have your hips square. You will see how much more of your back is recruited vs when your hip is open you have the ability to initiate a lot of power from that hip being opened up which means its more than your back moving the weight.
150 x 8
160 x 7

– Seated Low to High Pull for mid back
(I have stuck to this movement all off season and love it. I am aiming to drive my elbows out and back as much as possible to really get into my rhomboids.
3P+25ps x 8
3pps x 8

Hanging Stretches for Back