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Chest and Abs – December 10

Weight is sitting right at 249 – not all that happy about that but doing the best I can and just need to keep having fun in the gym and trusting that things are continuing to improve through my efforts. Sometimes I chase progress so hard I lose the fun aspect of things and I am doing my best to not do that.

Full transparency here my endurance and top end strength is not as good now that I am about 4 weeks into my HRT, doesnt meant I am not giving it everything I can but everything I can 4 weeks ago and everything I can now is simply not the same. Especially on working sets as the workout continues. I am reminded that I was not made for bodybuilding when I come down to baseline levels haha but I still love it.

Second topic for today is that I love flat bench and its one of my favorite lifts. That being said I flat benched weekly the past year pretty much leading up to USA’s and was really not all that thrilled with my chest on stage. So I have been going back and forth as to whether or not to keep it in and I have decided I am going to keep it in just aim to try and make it as hard as possible in terms of eccentric loading, contractions ect. This might have been another reason why I was shot this week training because I did really slow eccentrics building up and through my top working set on bench which was 405 x 6.

Flat Bench with Slow Eccentrics / Full Contraction not just pushing it up
315 x 8
365 x 6
405 x 6 (spot on last)

Hammer Incline Press – Pause at full stretch / Full contraction
working up to drop set
5pps x 5
4pps x 5
3ppx x 7

Decline Hammer Press – Same format as hammer incline
3pps x 8
4ppx x 7 (everything I had to get a full contraction on last rep)

Plate Loaded Dip Machine – Leaning in towards 45 degree
3pps x 8
7p total x 8
4pps x 7

Seated Cable Fly – here I am not focused on making weight progression as much as using a weight that will make me work as hard as possible within that rep range with the goal of contracting each rep as hard as possible.
70 x 10
80 x 8

Done / cooked