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Donyae – Hey man I posted a pretty comprehensive list on my diet post in page 1, I am assuming you are meaning health supplements here? Just give me a little more insight and I will be happy to help.

Clay – Its hard for me to answer stuff like that buddy as I know nothing about you really. With nutrition I believe you need to make changes based off of where you are at currently so you need to look at your current intake and then establish the direction you want to go. See like I dont know if you are eating 250g of carbs now or 500g of carbs. But if you are looking to increase weight take your current intake that you are at now and start off by raising your carbs by 15% keep everything else the same and then monitor progress from there with all other variables in place.

Alyx – I am not going to sit here and act like this is easy. I am not miserable but I am certainly full to the brim all day long. As far as me getting here though this did not happen overnight. I have not competed since July of 16 so I have been working up my cals since then. Also one of the biggest changes that I have made this year is really cutting out any “cheat meals” when I go out now I order as close to my normal meal at that time I can get. Prior to this off season I was one of those guys that would enjoy a meal once a week and most likely have dessert. I was never really a big junk food eater but I would basically have some sort of ice cream once a week. I have cut that out this year and I feel its really helped me work my intake up without the excess junk. In the past I would get fatter from that meal over the months of having it and as a byproduct I would also not be as assertive pushing up my intake due to having the cheat meal.

On my off days my diet stays the same minus the intra powders so I basically am keeping all meals at 30g fat / 100-120g cho on those days