Matt JansenMatt Jansen

As far as my current split goes – its been a bit all over the place due to Nationals then Thanksgiving with gyms being closed and also in the midst of a move. I am still hitting everything but I am going back and forth with how to approach my days.

I am someone that likes to have a consistent schedule of for example: Legs on Monday, Chest Tuesday and so on that way each day of the week I know what I am doing. That being said I do really want to stick to 2 days off per week this off season and see what that yields. My current issue that I keep going back and forth in my mind about is sticking to a set weekly schedule training 5 days a week and having arms be a secondary body part within that split OR having a true arm day in there which then changes my training to 6 days a week. By keeping in two rest days a week that would make my schedule so that training would not fall on the same day each week. My reasoning for Arms is that I still really do feel I need a true arm day where I can give my full energy to arms and not “whats left” of my energy after something like back or chest. My arms have improved but are not dominant by any means and I want them to be so I think for now I will be keeping an arm day in and my split will look like this