Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Nov 2 – Back training 

In order to increase my recovery I have now included my thickness day and width day into one workout so I can have an extra day off. Now training 5 on and 2 off weekly. I am starting off my back sessions focusing on what my physique is weak in to start then I move onto the rowing and things that I am stronger at but now in a pre fatigued state.

I am starting off my training with two different versions of pull overs both a DB pullover as well as a machine or cable pullover to get the best out of the full range of motion which I dont feel that either the DB or the Machine does fully on its own. Nothing hits my lats in a stretched position like a DB pullover but its not the best for contractions and vice versa with a machine or cable so that is why I am hitting both.

  1. DB Pullover
    110 x 8
    130 x 9
  2. Supra Bar Pullover
    90 x 10
    120 x 10
    150 x 10
  3. Supinated Pulldown using the Prime bar and Handles – Similar to the pulldown done on width day but with both arms done bi laterally.
    Max set of 8 here followed up by one more max set of 6 using a weight I could hold at contraction on each rep.
  4. Barbell Row
    I have wanted to get back to these and work on getting really strong on them, I have not done them in over a year so its going to take some time but I will get back to peak strength here
    315 x 8
    335 x 6
  5. Seated Low to High plate loaded Row
    Max set at 3pps
    Max set at 3p+25ps
  6. Single Arm Row on Machine (much like a DB row) with fixed chest position
    Max set at 3p+25ps x 8
    Max set at 3p+50ps