Thanks so much for the response regarding Glutathione.

Couple of other questions. 1. I noticed that in most of your nutrition plans and majority of your athletes plans (with the exception of Michaela’s) that you tend to steer clear of egg whites. Curious to your reasoning behind this or just a personal preference?

Also, watched your latest training update and your plans for going forward after the olympia. Can you give us a typical look at what a training cycle/order of your split would look like with training legs and back 2x per week/cycle. Obviously, if you throw a day in for arms and end up needing a rest day you wouldnt make it through an entire cycle in 7 days. so question, when trying to bring up a lagging body part in the off season it’s not necessarily as important if a stronger body part get hit lets say like every 8-10 days (just for example) as long as you are hitting the lagging body part with more frequency? Hope that makes since and would love to hear your thoughts on this.