Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Nathan woke up .6 lbs lower than yesterday so we are doing the same diet today as yesterday. Not a high day here just a slight increase in carbs.

Diet Tuesday and Wednesday (17 and 16 days out)

Meal 1
70g – Oats raw
280g – Steak

Meal 2
110g – Jasmine Rice
280g – chicken cooked

Meal 3
110g – Jasmine Rice
310g – Tilapia cooked
1 Pumpkin Muffin

Train (Pre)
20g EAA
5g Citruline

Meal 4
110g – Oats raw measure
75g – Whey Iso

Meal 5
310g Chicken Cooked

Meal 6
310g Steak cooked