Matt JansenMatt Jansen

We have had some really good training so far this week!

I would say for all things considered Nathan’s Strength is at or near peak level.

Legs Monday

1 – Leg Extensions 
we probably did about 10 sets total here to get blood flowing and warm up properly before heavy squatting.

Our last 3 sets were sets of 20 not to true failure but challenging sets

2 – Barbell Squat 

This was the first time in about 7 weeks that Nathan has squatted due to tweaking his shoulder so after warm ups and some technique work to get our bearings back as I am coming out of a show and have not squatted much either in the past year due to an injury of my own this is how it went.

We worked up doing hard sets of 8 until a near max set. Nathan did 495 x 8 then added another 90 lbs for his max set of 5 at 585.

3 – Leg Press 

Next we moved onto leg press with our heals at the bottom of the platform with a shoulder width stance.

Starting with 3 plates a side we did sets of 10 at 3 / 5 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10. full depth here bringing knees all the way down into our chest.

4 – Superset 

Vertical Leg Press x 20 / 20 / 15 / 12 / 10 – deep reps here but working on fully contracting the quads on the way up and not just moving the weight.


Bodyweight slow pace walking lunges with Quad emphasis x 10 steps per leg for each set of the vertical press we did.

Doesnt look like a ton on paper but this was a very awesome workout and we were wrecked once we got through with it.

Back Tuesday 

Nathan is wanting to work on his deadlift form so that is how we started off the session to insure he was fresh in order to allow for the least amount of compensation of other muscle groups taking over.


working up to a max set of 5 – Nathan pulled 495 and this is after him not deadlifting for about 7 years from the floor.

Vertical Row on Lat Pulldown 

we used a medium width mag grip, leaned back to near parallel to the floor and pulled to mid sternum. We did about 7 sets in total here including warm ups working up to a max set of 8 where we could not pull a complete rep without compromising form.

Single Arm DB Row

Keeping hips square with no leg drive or body english doing sets of 8

80’s / 100’s / 120’s / 150’s / 160’s

Seated Cable Low Row off of the Westside Barbell Platform

We worked up to 200 lbs + weight horn here for two top sets of 8-10

Incline DB Row pulling high and wide for upper back focus 

Here we really just focused on contraction of the back and taking our biceps out of the movement and did two hard sets with good contractions at 60 lb db’s