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Ewans Question –

Thanks Matt

What would your advice be on how to approach, reversing out of a pre contest diet into an off season and rebound phase making the most of this period when body fat is low and insulin sensitivity is high to make the best progress? I know it’s very person dependant but what would your advice be on how aggressively to bump food up? And how much would you reduce cardio by over the weeks? And when would you run your blood work post contest etc? Hope this isn’t to much to ask. Looking forward to seeing your improvements over the next year.

My Response

I would run initial labs within four weeks I feel this is a good time to be in a much more stable (true) environment stress alone can skew labs. Keep your water intake high this is crucial IMO.

In terms of calories I would say I raised my carbs 50% out of the gates and then this week I have bumped them another 65g. Even though my weight is moving fast this is the slowest I have pushed my food I normally push it too hard and lose IS too fast. I have purposely kept fats low to keep the body operating off of one energy source and keep fat gain to a minimum.

Adams Question

Matt- nice to chat again since we prepped with Conlav in 2013.

As far as hamstring training goes, I noticed you leave heavy RDLs until the end after isolation work, any reason behind that?

My Response 

Hey Adam

Glad to have you in here buddy. I honestly did my RDL as my second main movement throughout my entire off season and then for a greater amount of prep would alternate doing them second 1 week and last the next. I do like to do RDL with blood (the actual feeling of blood in my hamstring) so i felt that it was safer and best towards the end of prep to place them here and even coming out of a show where my leverages have not fully returned.