Matt JansenMatt Jansen

2 Weeks Post Show Update

Training is really picking up, having a blast in the gym and my endurance and strength is returning. I still do not have my leverages back fully but it will come.

Water balance is not perfect yet but improving. I was the Hardest 239 I have been this am and here is what I have been doing this week for my diet since Monday.

Meal 1
250 Chicken
220 Rice

Meal 2
250 chicken OR Turkey
220 Rice

Meal 3
2 packets low sugar maple brown sugar oats
1oog banana
70g Whey Isolate

75g Raging Full
30g Amino
5g Creatine
20g Nitrox

90g Chex
90g Golden Grahams
70g True Nutrition Whey Isolate

Meal 5
250g Steak
300g Shredded Potato

Meal 6
250 chicken OR Turkey
220 Rice


240 FF plain greek yogurt
40g Whey
100g Strawberries
50g banana
12g PB2
30g Granola

***If I wake up in the middle of the night hungry I have
40g Chex Mix
50g TN Whey

Current Split is
Back (rowing)
Back and Biceps (vertical Pulling)
Shoulders and Triceps