Iain ValliereIain Valliere

Quad day generally (I’m going to keep this simple; most exercises are generally 2-4 warmup sets, then 1-3 working sets (sometimes more for isolations like quad extensions) I like to utilize intensifiers like rest pause sets or drop sets (I always utilize partial reps to bring exercises right until failure, although this doesn’t apply as much on leg day except for lunges or extensions) on atleast 2 exercises per workout for bigger muscle groups like legs (if calories are there to support the volume, which they are currently).

Squats (either barbell or smith) 10-15 reps

leg press (sometimes unilaterally, sometimes both legs same time, really depends if I’m training with a partner or not. If I am I generally stick to both legs same time to keep pace high, unilaterally takes too long I find with 2 people) 10-15 reps

hack squat 8-12 reps

walking lunges OR split lunges 15-25 reps

quad extension 5-7 sets – 10-20 reps

calves I’ll throw in at end. Either on leg press or a standing calf raise, then seated calf raise. 12-20 reps 3-5 sets.


hams/glutes (same basic principles apply as quad training)

lying or seated ham curls 8-15 reps

straight leg dead’s 6-12 reps

glute ham raises OR barbell (or smith) hip thrusts – with bodyweight until failure for GHR, 8-12 reps on HT

Adductor machine SS with Abductor machine 12-20 reps (holding every 4-5th rep at max contraction for a 2 Mississippi)

sometimes I’ll finish with banded ‘straight leg deads’ (Taking heavy band and standing on it and putting around neck, squeezing glutes and hams to force hips through)

will do calves at the end of this workout as well.