Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Hey Guys –

I am still experimenting a bit to find the best spot for my set point out of the show to stay as lean as I can within the midst of making progress and keeping fat gain to a minimum. I still have not balanced out water yet which is very common for me, I usually look my best 3-4 weeks post show.

Today I have done 220g of rice OR 300g of potato with each meal. 1 93% turkey meal, 1 99% turkey meal, Chicken breast meal, and Flat Iron Steak meal at 250g per meal. No added fats on top of this. I am going to experiment with keeping fats more at a trace amount like I did when starting prep, again to see if I can stay leaner while growing. This will be new for me as I have always added fats in simply because I enjoy them.

Post workout meal kept the same as above as well as intra.

Nathan, Jorge, Brad and I filmed legs today for the first time since the show, honestly was probably the best workout we have had in the arsenal facility. We filmed this for you guys!

Also be on the lookout for 4 days out video coming out tomorrow!