Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Michaela is still continuing to improve a lot around the same weight. We started out much leaner and its been cool to see the response from doing so thus far. We are still staying assertive so we dont have to gas it in the end like we have in the past. We have however been able to add in a few sushi or specific chick fil a meals in addition to her high day on quads or in conjunction with.

The deal with chick fil a is its a southern establishment so its fun to have something unique to us BUT the real deal is that it provides zero digestive distress or a whacky sodium bloat with the meal so its very predictable with everyone that I have used it with.

I added in a bit more fats to her base plan as well to continue to see if we can fine tune digestion and improve upon it within continuing to making progress. I find more so with women if too much of a certain nutrient is gone they have a harder time being consistent with bowel movements.

High Day instructions (taken on main quad day)
Meals 1 – 6 will be 50g of carbs total per meal – you can very the sources between rice, COR, Rice tortilla, Yukon Potato.

ADD: 5g of fat to EACH MEAL – either 5g from direct oil source or 10g of Nut butter added OR 30g avocado

All other notes and changes below

Fat burners
1 Shreddabull AM upon waking

Fasted supplements
Greens powder
10g glutamine

Pills (AM fasted / 30 min prior to last meal)
NAC – 1200mg
Tudca – 750mg
Maximum milk thistle – 1 cap

Digestion / gda
Ravenous – 1 cap at each meal
Matador – 1 cap at each meal
Zinlori 75 – 1 cap prior to meal 1 and 3

Meal one
112g Chicken
70g Rice cooked
Diced onion/ salsa fine

3g omega, 1g Vit C, 200g coq10, 400mg life extension curcumin

Meal two/pre training meal
40 Cream of rice
10g pb powder
30g Whey

20g aminotaur
15g nitrox
2g pink salt

Pink salt

Meal three/post training meal
4oz Chicken
110g Jasmine Rice
Pepper mix

Meal four
4oz Tilapia cooked
100g Yukon Potato cooked

Meal five
3oz 96/4 beef OR Steak
2oz Tilapia cooked
Green beans

3g omega, 1g Vit C

Meal six
5oz tilapia from Whole Foods cooked
50g Avocado
75g asparagus cooked

lettuce, kimchi, salsa, mustard, etc

6×45 Min AM
25 min post training on upper body days / off days