Matt BurzacottMatt Burzacott

04/17/21 – Shoulders 

Since my split was messed up this week and I did back on Weds, I did shoulders by themselves today. Analyzing check in photos I noticed my delts are a little down from years past so Eddie hooked me up to the Neuxtec machine to see if that would help. And it did! Delts have been blasting full since!


1) Seated OH DB Press

1st work set – 80 x 13

2nd work set – drop set – 80 x 12 , 50 x failure (i cant remember how many)


2) Cable Laterals

3 work sets – 12ish + 5-8 partials


3) Prime OH Press

1 work set working mid range

1 work set working shortened position

1 work set working lengthened position


4) Reverse Pec Deck

4 work sets – 12-15 reps w/ partials on last set to failure


5) DB Laterals

3 work sets – 25’s x failure short rest periods