Nadia SzymanowiczNadia Szymanowicz

Training 04/14/21 – Legs with Matt


5 minute warm up on treadmill


Walking Lunge/ Abductor warm up


3 sets of 10-12

Controlled negative and explosive contraction. Through my lunges being cautious to push off my leading foot rather than propel myself forward with my back foot.


Seated Single Leg Curl


2 working sets total


Set 1: 25lbs x 12

Set 2: Maintain weight to take second set to failure (25lbs x 9)


Leg Extension


2 working sets total, same style as above.


Set 1: 90lbs- 16reps

Set 2: 90lbs – 12 reps


RDL with DB- changed the order and did RDLs FIRST before my press as Ive been noticing some sciatic nerve pain flaring up when doing my press first followed by RDL.


Set 1: 60 x 12 reps

Set 2: Maintain weight and take second set to failure (60lbs x 9)


Hip press


Working in a reverse pyramid from heavy to light after warming up. Taking last set to failure with slightly reduced weight


Set 1: 3 x 45lb plates on each side plus 45lbs on one side (315lbs total) for 14 (sweet Jesus that hurt so good)

Set 2: reduced weight slightly. 15 reps (270lbs)


Weighted Inverse Curl

2 sets to failure